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It takes a least a million years for plastic to decompose, even in landfill.
In just s few hours NSR Technology can turn all plastics into usable fuels.

NSR Inc. now had it's first patent.

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*NSR Inc., has an Electronic Waste Recall recycling facility*

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As the world population increases, major oil producing nations are seeing exponential growth in their own domestic oil consumption, offsetting their oil exports. At the same time as a world society we are creating more waste product each day.

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NSR, a research and development company, has the solution at our disposal. NSR has developed a unique technology (patent pending) to dispose of any type of plastic waste by converting it into a liquid fuel. The technology is environmentally friendly and practically self sufficient. This process can produce approximately one liter of NSR fuel from one kilogram of plastic waste. The exact yield depends on the type of plastic, and the grade of NSR fuel desired. Typically, the process produces a residue of about 5% of the weight of the plastic waste. This residue is rich in carbon and can be used as a replacement for coal with a higher BTU value. The NSR technology is able to cater to a wide range of diverse applications. Including but not limited to fuel, gas and electrical generation. NSR literally has the solution with your disposal.


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